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Banks Street Bar

We're back at Banks Street Bar! Thanks to Richard for having us again. Totally cool Mid-City neighborhood music venue/bar. December 8th We're on at 9:00pm. Mat Suarez on before us at 7pm. Ezell Smith Jr. on drums, John Walden on bass, Chris Woyton on guitar and lil' ole me on guitar and vocals. We've got a new addition to the lineup...Mark Farmer on keys, he has agreed to come lend his talents to the mix! So excited! We will finally be able to perform my tunes with the instrumentation I envisioned and recorded them with along with a bunch of tunes written by songwriters way more talented than I. We start it sweet and end it out wailing & rockin. Come on by and pass a good time. Oh and BTW it's Ladies Nite so the feeling's right! Check out calendar for details.



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