Looking Forward

As I have finished clearing out and cleaning up after Christmas dinner I am so looking forward to 2018.  I have booked a location for the CD release that has morphed also into an art opening.  We are settling on a date.  It is looking like May 4th.  We'll be doing a live performance of tunes off of the latest recording and some other tunes curated for this show.  I'll be doing an art opening the same evening on the 2nd floor gallery of the same space. Treo Nola it will be featuring the 3 portraits I did as CD artwork and 5 new portraits I will be working on probably right until the last minute. I've finally decided I don't need to make a choice between how I express myself creatively.  It all springs forth from the same well so why try to contain or limit it.  I for one am now just going with the flow and riding the creative wave wherever it takes me. I hope everyone had a lovely holiday whichever one you celebrate and I'd like to wish everyone all the goodness and happiness in 2018.

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