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9/1/03 Nicole Ockmond - In My Head If you long for the days of singer/songwriters like Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez, and Janis Ian, with a touch of Dar Williams thrown in for good measure, then you will enjoy Nicole Ockmond's release. Nicole wrote all the songs, except "Winter Rain" and "False Street" which she co-wrote. Nicole says, "Most of what I write about comes directly from my own life, with a little artistic license thrown in of course. I've always loved lyrics. I want my songs to be about things that I actually think and feel. I would like to think that the listener can see themselves in my songs." Patty Griffin once said that the best songs are the ones that when you hear them, you think they were written just for you, and nobody else. Nicole catches this sentiment on her new release. Nicole put together twelve tracks that are a little slice of life. The instrumentation is sparse and to say the CD is mellow may be a bit of an understatement. This is a great late night disc, or perfect with your Sunday morning coffee and New York Times. While the title track, "Alone," may lead one to believe we are in for a heartbreaker, it is a song of freedom and realizing what is possible when there's, "no one else to worry about/no one else to teach." False Street" is the song of a mother enduring abuse at the hands of her husband and the daughter trying to remain invisible so as not to incur the abuse. Even with such weighty subject matter the protagonist dreams of freedom, turning this into a positive song. The child is now grown, and though the memories remain she has worked through much of the pain. The title track, "In My Head," is a beautiful love song, and one brides could easily consider for a first dance at their wedding reception. All the tracks on the release warrant attention and interpretation, but space and time force me to leave it up to you to analyze the remainder. This CD makes a nice addition to any acoustic collection, thoughtful, and thought provoking songs. Dennis Halsey The Best Female Musicians” - Denis Halsey


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